MOVE Academy Singapore

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Movement Classes taking place at Teadent or Online (Zoom).
> Movement Indoor Pass
Access to Indoor Movement classes such as Fluid Strength, Mobility, Gymnastics Rings and Handstand Intermediate.

> Movement 6-Week Indoor Term Pass
Access to Indoor Movement term classes such as Handstand Beginner, Front Split & Backbends, Middle Splits & Pancake, and Fluid Strength Term.

> Movement Online Pass
Access to Online Movement classes such as Mobility: Ground Flow and Mobility: Full Body.


Parkour Classes taking place at Outdoor locations or Sandbox Gym.

> Parkour Outdoor Pass
Access to Outdoor Parkour classes for Kids, Adults, and Phoenix.

> Parkour Indoor Pass
Access to Indoor Parkour (& Flips) classes for Kids, Adults, Adult Ladies, and Phoenix.

> Parkour 4-Week Term Pass
Access to Parkour term classes for Kids, Adults or Special Needs students. Available in Outdoors or Indoors format.


Sign up for Private classes for 1 pax, 2 pax or 3 pax. 10x package available with special price. 


About the Passes

  1. Purchase a pass that is most suitable based on your personal schedule and goals
  2. Each pass has a 6-month validity period from pass start date, unless otherwise stated
  3. You will get an email confirmation after purchase, and your pass will be available in your account.
  4. Your pass credit is only deducted when attendance has been marked.
  5. Strictly no refund of credits. Should class be rescheduled or cancelled, your pass credits will remain into your account.
S$35Movement Indoor 1x Pass
S$350Movement Indoor 10x Pass
S$240Movement 6-week Indoor Term Pass
S$20Movement Online 1x Pass
S$100Movement Online 5x Pass
S$35Parkour Outdoor 1x Pass
S$175Parkour Outdoor 5x Pass
S$350Parkour Outdoor 10x Pass
S$45Parkour Indoor 1x Pass
S$225Parkour Indoor 5x Pass
S$450Parkour Indoor 10x Pass
S$55Parkour Special Needs 1x Pass
S$140Parkour 4-Week Outdoor Term Pass
S$180Parkour 4-Week Indoor Term Pass
S$220Parkour Special Needs 4-Week Term Pass
S$175every monthParkour Monthly Outdoor Term Membership
S$450Parkour 5-Day 3-Hour Camp
S$750Parkour 5-Day 5-Hour Camp
S$800Parkour Int/Adv 5-Day 5-Hour Camp
S$135Private 1x Package (1 Pax)
S$185Private 1x Package (2 Pax)
S$225Private 1x Package (3 Pax)
S$1,250Private 10x Package (1 Pax)
S$12Vishal's Basic Party Dance Course
S$15Sandbox Open Session