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Online 10x Pass

This pass grants you access to 10 of any of our online classes.

Class Rules
Class reservations can only be made up to 60 days in advance. To avoid losing your class credit, please cancel your reservation at least 3 hours before the scheduled class time. Any cancellation less than 3 hours to class, or no shows, will result in the forfeit of your class credit.

We understand that stuff happens, and for reasons beyond your control, you may turn up late for class. To be fair to everyone, we have a 15 minute grace period for latecomers, after which you may not be allowed to join the class.

Pass Policies
The validity of all passes will start (i.e. “pass start date”) on either: a) the first session of the pass, or b) 6 months from the purchase date, whichever is earlier. It will be valid for booking classes that occur within 6 months from the pass start date. We’ll remind you about your pass expiry if you forget!

Unfortunately, no refunds, or validity extension will be given to expired classes. We’re really strict on this!



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